SET-India Business Model

SET-India has established itself as a major Solar EPC company in Odisha. As an EPC contractor specializing in the design and execution of solar power plants, SET-India places special emphasis on the “on-time and on-budget” delivery of solar power plants, optimized to deliver superior output.

We follow the below service model.

  1. Energy Audit & Site analysis: All successful solar energy installations are based on correct energy sizing and audits. At SET-India, we conduct energy audits as a fundamental requisite for providing sustainable energy solutions. This comprises but is not limited to an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows and distribution and consumption in your premises. Then we Conduct site survey and Shadow analysis.
  2. Need assessment: We recommend type of system to customer based on needs (battery backed, grid synchronous or hybrid system)
  3. System sizing: Then we recommend a system size based on the sanctioned load and usage patterns of the customer
  4. Technical matching of components: After that we recommend ideal combination of components to optimize system performance.
  5. Procure components: On approval from the customer, the job of procuring components falls in the purview of the EPC following which the system will be set up. Drawing on a unique set of strategic partnerships, we craft solutions that best meet customer’s needs. We have tied up with various Solar OEMs and distributors in India who provides us the best Solar products. So customer gets the best suited product from us at a very reasonable price.
  6. Installation and Commissioning: Our Experience Engineers do the final installation and commissioning in front of you and guide you how to operate the system.
  7. After sales support: Since at present solar is new for end customers, flawless after sales support is critical in encouraging adoption of solar and building trust. Hence, once the system is set up, we provide onsite warranty and support services.